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Pattern of VITEEE questions

All Questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Part-I – Physics
Part-II – Chemistry
Part-III - Mathematics / Biology
Part-IV - English

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Candidates are requested to give utmost attention during VITEEE Question paper selection (PCME / PCBE)
PCME - Candidates appearing in PCME (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/English) is eligible for all the B.Tech. Degree programmes, as per the VITEEE ranking 

PCBE - Candidates who have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible for B.Tech. Bio-engineering and B.Tech.Biotechnology programmes. They are also eligible for B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Spec. in Bioinformatics) and Electronics and Communication with spl. in Biomedical Engineering but after joining, registering Mathematics as bridge course is mandatory.

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PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English) - 120 questions (Each 40 questions) & English 5 questions = Total 125 questions

PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English) - 120 questions ( Each 40 questions) & English 5 questions = Total 125 questions

Candidates attempting Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics &  English are eligible for all the B.Tech programmes offered. 

Candidates attempting Physics, Chemistry, Biology  & English are eligible for B.Tech. Biotechnology, B.Tech. Bioengineering, B.Tech.CSE ( Bioinformatics) and ECE with spl. in Biomedical Engineering programmes.

The selection of subjects (Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics or Biology/English) has to be mentioned in the application form itself.

The questions will primarily be from the State Board of Higher  Secondary Education and the CBSE syllabus. 

Each part has 40 questions and English has 5 questions, with each question carrying one mark.

All Questions will be of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Each question is followed by 4 alternative answers. The candidate will have to choose the correct answer and click the same.

Duration of the Paper is 2 hours 30 minutes. 

No negative marks for wrong answers.

The Question paper will be in English only.